Critics of crypto have always questioned the high electrical consumption in crypto mining, and as Bitcoin reaches new highs, electrical consumption has reached a high level.

That is, the increase in Bitcoin prices makes mining more profitable, and encouraging mining pools to expand their operations.

According to the University of…

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Blocks President Trump after recent turmoil caused by pro-Trump supporters invading Capitol Hill, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the president will now be denied access to the social media platform.

In light of the presidential election opposing Trump and Biden, a large wave of white American activists and…

Russia’s telecom regulator, Roskomnadzor, added Binance, the world’s largest exchange of cryptocurrency, to the country’s blacklist of websites.

The Exchange was blacklisted on June 2, 2020, but Binance only became aware of this on September 24 after receiving communication from Roskomnadzor.

In an announcement on the Russian Telegram channel, Binance…

Jack Dorsey

Bitcoin (BTC) and decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens are in fashion lately, with crypto investors anticipating the next BTC high and the exponential growth of the DeFi industry.

Bitcoin and technology stocks fell

At the time this article was written, Bitcoin seemed to be consolidating at the $10,000 level. Lately, BTC has fallen behind, along with…

Evaristo Mulonde

Evaristo Mulonde is a cryptocurrency community manager, Yetubit and Bitcoin Angola, a cryptocurrency trader and fascinated by Blockchain technology

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